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Do I need a website?

Having a website establishes your web presence.

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Having a website is crucial to increasing your digital presence. Case and point – if you don’t have a website for Google to crawl, how are they supposed to show you off to your prospective customers?

Did you know that Google processes over 3.5 BILLION searches a day?

Your website acts as your home base. It directs your customers to your website where you have more messaging capabilities and more room than a Google or Yelp listing.

Reputation management is essential. I’d argue it’s everything these days, especially in a world where people take it online to complain. But, on the other hand, doesn’t it seem like you rarely hear the positive?

The sad reality is, as a small business you may rely on Google, Yelp or other directories to get your information out there. It’s crucial! But did you know that if you’re a retail business or once you’re listed, it’s tough to opt out of these platforms? You’re now forced into their ecosystem and must perform regular routine updates and respond to customers’ inquiries.

WITH A WEBSITE – YOU CONTROL THE MESSAGING! You can’t delete Google reviews. But you can choose which excellent review to showcase on your website! You work hard. Convince your prospective customers based on your highlights and not one misunderstanding.

Your website highlights and offers your authenticity to the customer and not tainted by skewed dishonest customer reviews. Let the consumer decide through your beautiful portfolio if they want to work with you.

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